Activation of unwanted services and wrong information by customer care executives

Location/place: PUNE

Name of company/service: Reliance Communication

I can’t mention what kind of mental trauma Reliance communication is giving me.At first it started with activation of some “LOVE tips” service i called the customer care service.He told me it must have been activated by you..he was stubborn and din’t hear any thing,when i told him to transfer the call to someone senior to him,he ended the call and the argument ended without any conclusion leaving me in loss.I unsuscribed the service anyhow.But agn after few days another “Sports updates” service was activated and money was deducted from my main balance.I again unsuscribed the service.But u will be shocked to know for th3 3rd consecutive time in a month..”Joke Service” was activated and money was deducted.I called the customer care..he advised me to activate DND service will happen again.It left me in shock that this is the way Reliance give value to its customers.I have been a CDMA user for last 6 years…and this is how Reliance treats its old customers.Seriously,this is a matter of grave concern..there will be thousands or lakhs of customers who will be suffering from this pain.The company do not give a damn to the hard-earned money of customers.Shame on reliance.Strict actions should be taken against service providers for torturing their customers.

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  1. 9 years ago

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