Account inactivation without any notice

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Tikona Digital Networks

I have been a Tikona customer almost 1 year now. And in the beginning services were really good however over the last period of six months the services are really pathetic.Almost each and every day i need to call customer care for the speed or unavailability of IP.
I have been making payments without delay.On 8th July 2012 I changed my plan and as instructed by customer care executive I made payment of Rs 100.However yesterday my connection was made inactive on account of exceeding credit limit
I would like to make it clear that i was never informed about this any time.Also I didn’t receive any bill which was due from my side.
Speaking to customer care(That too I had to call 6 times because Call gets automatically disconnected and explain each time to every customer care executive and when opted for call back I never receive the same) I had chat with Dipti Lovangane I was told that unless I pay the bill my connection wont get active.
I should make it clear that no bill has been dispatched to me.And without bill how can I make a payment.
This makes it clear that the problem was from your side and Tikona by not giving bill and not making active my account clearly shows that Tikona is putting question on my creditworthiness.
All fault was from tikona side and I was the one who had to suffer.
Customer should be given due care and informed if any changes are there.
Looking for quick action
P Paranjape

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