Account debited

Location/place: Indore

Name of company/service: Standard and Chartered Bank

mail from Myself to the Standard and Chartered Bank,

I would like to remind you that in 2007-08 when my account was opened there was no minimum of Rs.25000, rather the minimum was Rs. 10000. I was never informed of the 25000 minimum, if that was the case why did your personnel accept Rs.10000, Rs. 5000. How can you give me a reply without checking the whole history of my account, it doesn’t have any transaction from my side. If you claim that Rs. 25000 was the minimum requirement, why did the bank give me interest for 2 years? I am not all satisfied by your reply; I want my account reimbursed of the debit charges. I have never been informed that Rs. 25000 would be minimum requirement, if I can maintain a balance of 15000 without doing any transaction, I could have easily maintained a balance of Rs. 25000, or closed the account. I have no need to maintain account for which I get charged to maintain my account.
Debashish Dey.
I assume you did not understand the matter fully here.
You’ll keep saying the same”axcess plus saving account has been revised to Rs 25000,effective Jan 2009.
WE DID NOT RECEIVE ANYTHING ON THIS REVISION.It did not occur to us to check on the website for the same.When your representative had the time and the inclination to come ALL the way to Dewas Naka which is the outskirts of Indore to us to open and account with you’ll with the committment of providing home service,the least the bank could do is send a physical statement and a letter of this revision if not coming in person to ask us why we have not been operating the account or there is a revision and a penalty attached with it!!!!just as the person had so eagerly come to open this account with standard and chartered bank.

Please be in our shoe for a moment to understand how frustrating it is to write to you the third time.
When we opened the account we deposited the min 15000 required,and we did not know of the new revision maintenance,we received NO emails and NO physical statements.

For year and a half after opening this account there was a road renovation so there was no way to come to the bank easily.Even now there is no parking available.

As I’m reading your response to my letter MS Hora comforted to us an year back that all will be taken care and the penalty will be revised to your account.Now she makes it plain to us that it is not her job to follow up on all the letters,her job is only to send it across to the concerned dept.made it very plain to us.She has NEVER contacted us,we have gone to the bank 5 times as for now for the same problem.

Bellow are the emails sent,please do look into this and give us a fair outcome for this.

Dear sir,
I opened an account with Standard Chartered with great reluctance. Mr Sharad Anil Sharma, Team Manager,Wealth Management, and Mr. Rahul Mehra, Asst. Manager Consumer Transaction Banking had visited my office for opening of an account with Standard Chartered. I already had my accounts with HDFC bank, and HSBC. But upon their insistence I opened a savings account as they assured me that Standard Chartered would give me better service than HDFC preferred and HSBC premier account. I gave them a cheque of Rs. 10000, and then another cheque of Rs. 5000 on Mr. Sharma’s insistence. I have never used this account. Last year I had received a statement which showed my account had a balance of 15000 + interest. But Today I have received a statement where I have been debited Rs. 1378.75 as acct maint charges, and as my account opening balance is also showing only Rs. 13526.62, standard chartered has debited me previously also.
I request you to reverse any and all charges levied on my savings account, as they are without my knowledge or authorization. Please also close my account and send me a cheque for Rs. 15000 + whatever interest I have accured from the inception of the account.
Debashish Dey


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