AC replacement

Location/place: shastripark, delhi-53

Name of company/service: Hitachi

i have purchased AC of Hitachi Company from KBM electronics, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi on 27th may 2012. My AC was faulty from begining for which i have been made complained regularly from begining. Many times Sr. technician/ technician from Babylon, a franchies of Hitach in Delhi visited my home and finally they confirmed me that there is problem of Gas circulation in AC due to mechanical problem. He also assured about replacement of faulty AC with new one as earliest and same was confirmed by Incharge of Babylon(Mr. Amzad Khan) on mobile.i am waiting for that. In mena while Again, i have got call from company on 09/08/2012 for repairing of AC not for replacement.i made objection for that. I told him that Ur incharge assured me for replacement of AC as it is faulty fault was from begining(date of purchased) then why not u replace it from new one. This is my right if i spend money then i have right to get durable and quality things without any fault and if fault available in AC then it should be replaced with new one(OK) as earliest. But all my words go in vein and he denied for replacement. i belong to middle class and i have spend 24000/- rupees in purchase of AC and this amount is very valuable for me. I am in mental pressure for that. it is cleared that company is harresing,
My humble request to help me and provide me new AC with compensation of my harssement due to company neglience.

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