Absurd Credit Card Outstanding Amount

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Standard Charterted Bank

I , Ravindra Anegundi, was a credit card customer of Standard Charted Bank from 1998 to 2004/2005.

During my last call to your customer care (may be during end of 2004), I was told to pay my outstanding amount. I had cleared the outstanding amount and I had requested the customer care executive to waive off my interest/late payment fee since i was a preferred customer for 5+ years.

I was convinced that my interest/late payment fee will be waived off since I was a long time customer of the Bank and the customer care executive also made me feel convinced.
After that call, I did not get any communication etc from the Bank about any outstanding amount pending against me till yesterday.

To my surprise, I received a call from the Bank 20th June 2012(someone named Deva from mobile numbers 9686690828 and 9900032071) saying that there is an outstanding amount of 20,000+ against my name. When quizzed, I came to know that I was not reachable all these days and hence the card was still kept open. The exective told me that he got my current number from Google(which is farce).

With all the interest accrued on my outstanding amount, the final amount that I was asked to pay was Rs 20,000 (approx.).
I had changed my mobile number in year 2006, which I agree, but my residence address and residence phone number has not changed since last 10 years. I could have received a communication from the Bank to my residential address or residential phone number. When told about the same to the customer care executive, he was in agreement that there was a mistake from the Bank’s side and now to close my case, the first offer that was provided to me was to pay 60% of outstanding amount (about 12,000). When I declined to pay, since it was not my mistake, the second offer was to pay 50%.
Finally after heated argument, I was told to pay 3000(final). When I refused to pay that amount too, I was given a warning of a kind, that my Cibil report will not be clean and the card will not be closed. For no mistake of mine, I am being asked to pay extra amount and being threatened for a not clean Cibil report.

I had written mails on 21st June 2012 to escaltion points ([email protected]
and [email protected])
mentioned in

There was no concrete response from the concerned authorities till date. The collections department executive calls me twice/thrice a day asking me to clear my outstanding amount.

I had taken my cibil report and the amount against standard chartered bank credit card is shown the status as ‘Write Off’. I came to know of my credit card account number (140772180001140 )from the Cibil report. This has spoiled my credit history for no fault of mine.

I request you to consider my case and help.
I have been staying at the below mentioned address for the past 10 years + and I have not received any communication from the Bank against my outstanding bill.

Ravindra Anegundi
#147, Royal shelters, Next to Golden park apartments,
Bangalore – 560076

Phone – 9980099228/ 080-25733234.

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