Abrupt Behaviour of Surveyor

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Tata Aig General Insurance Co Ltd

I had bought a new model of RITZ-VXI (DL 2CAN 9379) in January 2012 from authorized Maruti-Suzuki Dealer and got it insured by a reputed Insurance company , that is, TATA AIG only with this faith and assurance that I will get a good customer service.
Yesterday, my above mentioned car ran into an accident though not a major one but some minor damages did came into effect due to which I took my vehicle to one of the authorized service centres of Maruti-Suzuki for my vehicle’s repairing and with a desire of claim.
Today, that is, 21/06/12 one surveyor, Mr. Rajeev Saxena called me from his number(997159928) at my personal mobile number (9810136165) at 6:18 p.m.
And to my amazement, even after being surveyor of such a reputed company he was so rude with no respect for his customers. He tried to disgrace me several times by putting unnecessary questions and doubting the genuineness of situation.
I am working as an officer with LIC of India for the last 22 Years, and I am aware of public dealings manner, but to my dismay this man was very ill-mannered. This act of his of showing no courtesy towards me is completely unacceptable and brings a bad name not only to himself but to company and whole of the insurance industry. To get claim is definitely a secondary issue for me now, its actually his arrogance and the way he tried to humiliate me that has forced me to write this letter/complaint.

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