about my cancellation

Location/place: Bangalore / Banswadi

Name of company/service: tikona / broadband service

Location/place: Bangalore / Banswadi Name of company/service: Tikona Digital network I paid the suscription amount Rs. 1100/- for broadband connection (Plan 699) when i took the cone cation it worked for only 3days after that i called customer care and they raise the compliant form tikona one engineer came to my home is not resolved my issue he updated customer problem is resolved till now i am facing the issue again i called customer care there is no use and keep on sending the bill i informed about my problem there are not helping and only they asking bill and i given request for cancellation till now tikona not cancelled my and they are sending bill every month Raised multiple requests for cancellation after that but no reply received from tikona team, instead getting a call regularly from the collection team for the payment.and my cone cation

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