About Customer Care Executive behaviour

Location/place: kolkata

Name of company/service: vodafone

Respected Sir/Madam,

I want to infor you that today(12/06/2012) I had a received a sms that is malamaal weekly 2 and rs 2 deduct from my account, which I have not activated, your customer care executive told me that I had activated 09/06/2012 and deduct on 12/06/2012 between 3 days to deduct this activate , after that I talk to your customer care Executve about this matter and he has been deactivated it, but my money is not comeing for this reason, for that reason I also ring to your customer care executive between 2:30 to 3:30 pm he has not solve this problem he transfer this to other person and this person use most 3rd class slaung Laungage to me possible to listen this time all recording process in vodafone customer care center I also use normal slug language after that. Please tell me which step I have or you have to solve this two problem, hope you will solve it and take a right action for those people who do this job without any reason. If you not solve it. Hope consumer forum solve it as early as possible.Hope fully consumer forum and vodafone strickly action for this person who use this type of word in live phone to the customer.


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