Abnormal delay in rendering Service of my Washing Machine

Location/place: HYDERABAD

Name of company/service: IFB

On 28th june 2012 I have received a call from IFB for renuwal of AMC as it is going to expire in a months time. As the machine was giving me trouble by that time I intimated them to rectify the problem and take cheque for renuwal of AMC. After than IFB had sent their technician by name Lakshma Reddy and he visited my home 3 times in a span of 10 days and could not fix the problem. Once again I received a call from IFB for renuwal of AMC. I intimated them that after visit of your technician the machine stopped working totally. They have asked me to book a fresh complaint on 07/08/2012 and had taken the machine to workshop promosing to return the machine in 48 hours time. They had also taken a cheque for renuwal of AMC on the same date. Even after 20 days of taking the machine they have not returned the machine. I had constantly reminded the company on the following two Cell phone numbers which the company had given me. They are +919348240117 & +919392955107. Every time i call them they said that the machine is being repaired or is on test and would be delivered by evening. Even to date I have not received the machine back. Due to non availability of washing machine I have to wash the clothes myself physically. As myself and my wife are both employed added physical and mental stress had disturbed us. I therefore request the Hon,ble forum to do the needful by imposing suitable punishment on IFB

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