I was having a credit card of ABN AMRON BANK long back around in 2006 first they said u will get waiver in charges an then they applied so I did not pay then they said for settlement so I did settlement in around 2007 or 8 and closed then again when I went to take loan in 2013 I came to know that my file is not yet closed in Cibil so I went at there office an confirm they said u settled so its reflecting, then I paid again with odd figure what they said. After that they did u will get all will get clear now again when I went to bank in 2019 I came to know that still it pending of 1700 rs from Cibil while taking loan again again I went to an confirm they said no its yet pending without any thing asking them said give me right now letter I will pay the Amount right now they said u will get mail then u pay , it’s days over nothing is been done what nonse is this.

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