Aakash Tablet Pre-Payment Cheat/Fraud

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: datawind/ Aakash

I booked my Aakash/Ubislate 7+ tablet in Aprail, through and post booking i was offered a pre-payment option which would provide me a confirmed delivery in MAY.
Thus i sent a cheque of 2999/- rs via overnight courier services and the courier was delivered on 1/5/2012 at Amritsar address of data wind.
I havnt received any acknowledge or further communication by datawind for about 15days!!
Booking Id- PMB43D3
Name-Rajeev Lochan Saxena
When data wind acknowledged me regarding the cheque payment, they said they will deliver the tablet in Early JULY!!
Now today they mail me that i’ll get my Tablet in END JULY!!
Im going through a long correspondence with datawind since starting but i didnt got any positive response anytime…rather they keep postponding the time.

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