A trap to make money with least effort

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Adsys India

This Bangalore based company conduct online aptitude tests for freshers and it says if the score is above 70% then it is considered by many companies while recruiting freshers. They charge Rs. 350 for an appearance. Actually, no company even knows there is a test by Adsys India. The test comprises of 50 very lengthy and tough questions to be solved in 30 minutes. i.e. 36 seconds for a question. In those 36 seconds we have to read the question, solve it and answer it. Obviously, no one clears the test. Thus, this fraudulent company gets Rs. 350 per person and doesn’t have to care about anything after the test. And if someone goes to question them, they ask you to first clear the test, which no human can do. All over India, they must be getting at least few hundreds of innocent people every time, to cheat. No one would like to waste 1000 rupees and some time to go to Bangalore to see what happens with those 350 rupees. So, be aware and make others aware of this fraud.

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