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16 Jul 2018

No internet speed after pay for it

Here in my place very very slow internet speed after we are paying for 4g speed we can’t use it properly inside the house. For using internet we have to go out side.
13 Jul 2018

Vodafone is cheating on subscriber and forcing them to pay excessive amount

My Complaint is regarding vodafone services and billing and most importantly their behavior towards the consumer. I have been using this Vodafone number for more than 3 years after using the number as prepaid for the first
12 Jul 2018

Service negligence

My name is Deepak and i called customer support for sim hot listing and without understanding the situation they forced me to call back after 6hrs, if i loose my otp because of your negligence who is
12 Jul 2018

Fake Offers

Customer ID – 1155012945 I had got a call from Hathway to recharge for Rs.3536 (3 month + 1 month an additional offer) 4 month subscription. Post recharge I was not given the offer, I had followed
12 Jul 2018

Irresponsible and unprofessional work

Sachin at the airtel store at naraina was very irresponsible and not willing to to serve me .
11 Jul 2018

Vodafone is cheating on subscriber and forcing them to pay excessive amount

Hi People It’s been couple of months I have been using my vodafone post connection with roaming package. It was all working untill end of June 2018. I was subscribed to unlimited iroam package which had provided
11 Jul 2018

Unconditional Forwarding Issue Not Sorted

Sir, I had given my phone to an Airtel Gallery in Santa Cruz, Mumbai for resolving an unconditional call forwarding issue The phone settings had been set but I was informed that there was a network related
10 Jul 2018

इन्टरनेट डेटा

इन्टरनेट डेटा 70-75 मिनिट मे लगभग I गीगाबाइट समाप्त हो जाता है और कस्टमर केयर पर बातकरने के शुल्क वसूला जाता है। बात करने पर भी संतुष्टी के साथ काम नही है
9 Jul 2018

Network problem continuously

My airtel prepaid no. Is 8434851000.having continues problem of 4G network in our area.I complained several times to customer care but they didn’t help me.i can’t access inertnet or make calls .so please help me out of
9 Jul 2018

Refusing to return security amount

Hi I have ported my number 7211151888 from idea. I bought this connection 2 years ago and have deposited a security amount of Rs 300. I have lost my receipt as its too long since i have