Location/place: Indore

Name of company/service: AIRTEL

Dear sir,

This is with regard’s to the mb. no 7898915459,i was very loyal customer of yours but due to billing mistake i stop using airtel now, my bill is due Rs.4200/-,i am getting a call from 8982350996, this guy is abusing my family my father/sister n even my friends, for bill payment . now this really frustrating and one can’t expect it from company like airtel, i told may times & your exe. who are calling me for bill payment , that pls provide me bill first & i am taking followup from past 3-4 months but i have not received bill also, as this guy calling repeatedly on my father no. also since my father is heart patient & can’t afford this much of stress, if sum thing will happen to my family then airtel would be responsible for that, where as i’ll pay my dues by 30th of this month, to any airtel outlet in indore IF THEY PROVIDE ME BILL.

i would appreciate if you take quick action on this matter , since its very sensitive because he is involving my family into this , specially my father.

can some body help me in this.

Thanx n regard’s
[email protected]

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