This complaint is about being overcharged when the service was actually free.

The service I used is Vodafone live unlimited @Rs.99/- and Vodafone says That I have used Vodafone Mobile connect.

While starting this service I was clearly informed that there are two types of services –
1) First which can be connected to the computer
2) Secondly which can only be used on the cellular phone

Now, I clearly stated that I want to use it only on the cell phone. So I was sent settings for cell phone usage. How in this World do u explain that I used a service whose settings I have not recieved?

Point number 2 – Lets assume for a minute that my settings were changed, If your systems are so accurate then why wasnt I informed that my settings have got automatically changed and I am being billed under the wrong service.
That means That If a consumer is technologically challenged and if he is switched to another setting then let him carry on and we will send him a big bill at the end of the month. Is this your so called “Happy to help attitude” More like “Happy to Rob”?

Apart from that, you guys have barrred my outgoing calls and sms. This is like saying – “Give us all your money, or you are not going to talk to your family and friends anymore”

I demand a full reversal of the internet usage. I am ready to pay the rental and the usage of the calling and messages sent

A very very angry customer
Kenneth Fernandes

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