3G Disconnection

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Cobalt Experiential Marketing

Have Purchased a post paid 3G data card from Tata Docomo 8 days ago. Have submitted a photo graph, copy of Voter ID for the address prof and identity proof. The agency which took my documents said that is good enough for activating the data card. Data card is activated on the 3rd day after a running from pillar to poster. This is bought for my daughter fro her studies.

The back end team of docomo called me to confirm the address and other details. after the due verification they connected the data card.

To day morning we noticed that the data card is not working and when we called the consumer care. They said the data card is disconnected because my address verification is negative. Then how did the first time activation happened when my address verification is negative? Secondly how will the new set of same documents will help improve the verification status.
Thirdly why should I have to spend my precious time and money to correct their mistake. It is very evident that they have lost my documents and want to collect the same at my cost.

If this is the level of their after sales services then we will end up getting into the same situation time and again.

Need Consumer forum’s help to get out of this transaction with Tata Docomo.

Kindly help me get my payment refund also.

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