Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Hitachi

I had bought a Hitachi split AC, the remote of which is not working since day 1. I was told by the customer care that call will be reverted in 48 hours. I reminded after a week, they apologised (as they have been trained to do so) and said it will be attended in 48 hours. Nothing again happened for a week, and I again called. They again apologised and also lodged a new complaint for a demo. I called after one more day and got to know that my first complaint was closed by an engineer within 2 days of lodging the complaint and the only open complaint is for demo. And this fact of closing the original complaint was never told in my earlier calls!!

What is the point of buying AC in summers when you cant use it effectively? I have paid premium over other ACs for buying a Hitachi AC, will someone reimburse that money and pay compensation for not able to use AC in summers?

Ashish Aggarwal

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