Location/place: VADODARA GUJARAT

Name of company/service: RELIANCE COMMUNICATION

dear sir, RCOM is in habit of doing un authorised recovery from balance of his customers, this does not earn a good name for RCOM and users are now running away from RCOM only because of cheating ideas of RCOM. In long time this strategy will fully destroy the image of this company. I am user of RCOM services but many times I was cheated on this and that account. IN this connection, I would like to lodge one complaint again that I am using a RCOM Pre Paid No, 8690401101. I had a balance of Rs. 92 as on 23.06.12. All of sudden it reduced to Rs. 62/ without any use. RCOM Cut Rs. 30/ on any flimsy ground. This a strategy of this company. Please avoid it and note that this will definitely let company to earn some amountAT A TIME but this will like to cut a golden egg hen to get all golden eggs at a time but nothing will be gained. Please please stop to harrass the customers in this way and arrange to refund my balance at the earliest. thanking you.

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