Location/place: Hoshiarpur, Punjab


Dear Sir,
I am writing this in profound grief as I lost my father Lt.Col. JM Sood on 1st March 2012, it was his wish that I should join forces. For the same I went to New Delhi to join Cavalier India, Delhi Cantt, but at the time of admission one guy at the doorstep advised me to not to join their and join “The Cavalier”, C-73, Near Nirankari Bhawan, Raja Garden, New Delhi, which was a very big mistake I did by trusting him as later on I came to know that he was the agent of “The Cavalier”, C-73, Raja Garden, New Delhi who misguides all the students who go to join Cavalier India, Delhi Cantt and they are also misusing the name. I unfortunately being misguided by the agent reached “The Cavalier”, C-73, Raja Garden, New Delhi . They charged full fee of course and hostel in advance. After submission of the fees I was shocked and surprised that they had told all the lies at the time of admission. Initially they said I’ll be put in a new batch but I have been put in an old batch which is finishing. My course is of 40 days, Its been 1 week now and the teachers are continuously absent. There is almost no water, they are making two people sleep on a single bed. They never told us that classes will be run 2 kilo meters away from the campus of Cavalier, in a private school for which they have no transport arrangement. I initially thought that its ok as I would learn hardships of life but they are not providing even the basic requirements like water, air and sunlight. Food is unhygenic. At the time of admission they promised that there will be regular classes, ac rooms, individual beds, 24 hours water. Its difficult to explain everything in writing but if one goes there and feels it himself then he’ll come to know. I am a highly adaptable person and never complained of anything as of now but they are such liers and do fake commitments that I have to register complaint. At least they should not ruin the careers and time of youth as its been one week gone of the 40 days course and teachers are not taking any classes and not even coming to institute. Many students who had paid the fees in installments have left, I would have also paid in installments but management lied to me that they don’t accept fee in installments and took the full amount of Course and hostel in one go. I am already upset due to my father’s death and have come far away from my hometown to the Institute only for my coaching, they are harrassing me more, when I said I want to meet the director they said they never allow to meet director directly. I want the refund of my fees, they may deduct one week’s payment. They are not allowing me to meet the director and threatning me as well. Please help.
Ajay Sood

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