Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: MTNL

Below is the text of my email sent to MTNL to which i have never been replied to nor i have got any acknowledgment to my compliant.



This is in regards to my MTNL connection with number 28574951. I am Shambhulal Yadav and the connection is on the name of my Father Mr. Biharilal Yadav. I am in the plan of 495/- combo which i took somewhere in the last Nov. I had been in lot of trouble with your services since last three months. Till March, all my bills were normal and legitimate and was happy with your service. but since then i had been flooded with very high amount bills.

For March : Appr 3500
For Apr : Appr 2500
For May : Appr 1600

I had called to your customer service but they dont even now what does customer means and how to speak with the customer. Even , i visited the MTNL office at Saki vihar , tunga village and spoke to some seniors as well. However, all in vain. No one is showing any kind of interest is settling my issue. ALso, i notable thing is that. if the bill in not paid for a particular month the connection is disconnected. however, my connection as diconnected and reconnected again twice in apr and may. every saturday , i have to go to your office and get the line disconnected. if asked for a reason why it was re connected, they replied ” It was errorneously activated which shows that even the techncical team is involved in this fraud “.

Below is my questionaire and would like to have to prompt response on that :

– why i am getting so much bill, while i had never made a call from my phone?
– I just use my internet connection for which i took this 495 combo plan and i should not be charged any extra for this.
– If the bill is not paid and service is disconnected then why our techinal team activate the service again.

Also, would like,

to get my service activated with no extra charges ,
Problems should be rectified as soon as possible.

If the issue is not handled properly , i would have no choice other than esclating this with the consumer forum and the TRAI , if MTNL cases are actioned by TRAI.



Request you to address this matter at the earliest.

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