Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Vodafone

Dear Sir,

his is to bring into your kind notice that iam using a vodafone mobile nu-9871878889 along with other 7 nos under corporate plan named:MND Auto Industries from past four months.I was highly dissatisfied with their services,so I decided to port back to Airtel.My 7Nos are already ported to Airtel 40 days (whose billing was on lower side)back but only mine no i.e:9871878889 is still not converted(as the my usage is good) inspite of my 4 to 5 requests by using false reasons.Details of all my requests for porting are as follows:

Mobile No.:- 9871878889
1. Porting code sending Date:- 14-05-2012,
Order No.:- 71081026
Rejection Reason: – Request given to more than one operator
Rejection Date: – 14-05-2012 Time: – 21:23:44

2. Porting code sending Date:- 20-05-2012,
Order no.:- 71535512
Rejection Reason: – Request given to more than one operator
Rejection Date: – 20-05-2012 Time: – 02:23:12

3.) Request Date:7/6/2012
Rejection Date:11/6/2012
Reason of Rejection:Outstandings not clear,However i had already paid all the outsatandings alon with unbilled amount on 9/6/2012.
My account was having a negative balance of 651/- rs

4.) Porting code sending Date:- 14-06-2012,
Order No.:- 73523016
Rejection Reason:-Porting Code Mismatch
Rejection Date: – 18-05-2012 Time: – 18:20:44

Please help as iam getting charged for my CUG calls as all my numbers are already ported to airtel and only mine no is being stopped by Vodafone.

Manoj Kumar

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