3 times Disconnected in a month

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Vodafone

E-mail to Nodal officer, Vodafone A.P

Date: Fri, Jun 8, 2012 at 12:36 AM
Subject: Data Card disconnection
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected], [email protected]

Dear Mr. Anirudh Joshi,
I have purchased a data connection at Vodafone Store, ASRao nagar, Hyderabad on 03/05/2012. I have walked into the store along with my Vodafone datacard and asked the sales person to provide with a postpaid data sim and a unlimited tariff plan. The sales guy (Mr.Babu) offered me a Rs 599 Unlimited data plan and asked me to deposit Rs 500 (Mr Suman completed the required formalities) for which i agreed and finished my formalities. Before the sale, i was told that the connection would be activated within 48 hrs and i happily went home assuming it would be activated atmost by Monday 07/05/2012. I have purchased this data connection for my office purpose, as most of my official communication is done via E-mails and surfing the Internet. I waited till 07/05/2012 afternoon and tried to reach the AS Rao nagar Vodafone Store on the number provided on the Purchase receipt and to my surprise it is an invalid number.
Please Note: At this juncture, i realised Mr Suman didn’t provide me with the number that was assigned to my data connection. and i was in no position to call your customer care bcos i do not my new connection number.

On 08/05/2012 a guy called me up on my mobile saying he has arrived at my home to do the Address verification and i was told the connection would be activated by 09/05/2012 which didnot happen untill 11/05/2012. I was happy that finally the connection was on, but my happiness was short lived as the Voice and Sms services were activated(which i do not require) leaving the data services. Then I called up your customer care and i was told that there was an incorrect entry of my plan which is why my voice services are activated and the telecaller assured me it would be rectified within 24 hours and i was content and i hung up. The data services which were supposed to be activated on 12/05/2012 (as per telecaller) finally got activated on 15/05/2012( its already 12 days from the date of purchase).

The connection was good and i was glad untill 24/05/2012 when it got disconnected.

I called up your call centre on 9885098850 and told the telecaller about my new connection which was disconnected in 9 days, The Telecaller advised me to goto the Vodafone Store where i bought the connection to sort my problem as he cannot help me in this regard.
Please note: I bought this connection on my way home and i live 35 kms from the Store.

I had no other option but to visit the store ( I was on medication that week as i was suffering from an infection and my doctor advised me to rest at home…i can provide the medical bills, Doctor’s presciption, etc). I was received by Mr.Suman & Mr Babu and they recognised me and assured that the problem would be sorted only after the Store Manager Mr.Rehman returns from the meeting and i left the store under the impression that it would be sorted by 25/05/2012 Eod. I noted down the mobile numbers of Mr Suman and Mr Babu and was following up regarding my disconnection. I received an sms on 28/05/2012( 3 days after i visited your Vodafone store) stating that it would be sorted by 29/05/2012. Finally on 29/05/2012 my connection was active. And by now every one knows that there was a mistake in the entry either at the Store level or at the DMS, and it is rectified forever.

On 01/06/2012 again there was a disconnection, again i called up AS Rao nagar Vodafone store and spoke to Mr.Suman & Mr.Babu, both assured that they will rectify the problem (My connection is inactive as i have exceeded the credit limit…pls note: I am on a unlimited Postpaid Data plan). nothing happened and from 02/06/2012 Mr.Suman and Mr.Babu started ignoring my calls and i was left with no option but to find a different channel to sort my problem( I have few friends at Vodafone who helped me register a complaint regarding my problem). On 5/6/2012 (after 4 days of disconnection), the services were active which did not last long and by 5/6/2012 EoD the connection was lost. I have no response from your AS Rao nagar store(as they are ignoring me) and as i run a business, i do not have much time to travel 70kms (Return) to speak to your guys. and on 04/06/2012 by Name Rani called me up from ASRao nagar store and enquired about the problem (The Store Manager designated Rani to find out my Problem).
I reached Rani on 06/06/2012 and informed about my disconnection and i was told to wait 7 days before the waiver request gets processed……..

After so much of distress, frustration and dejection, would you like me to continue with your pathetic service. I am Vodafone customer since 2002 when i lived in London and i never ever experienced any small problem.

The problem lies in your system and i am penalised not only losing business but also taking all this stress. Employees at Vodafone Store are not ready to take up the responsibility, forget responsibility they are not ready to speak to me. The Store Manager who should have called up and followed up never did so. The sales guy and the Customer care never cared for me and are not ready to share E-mail ids or The Store Manager’s number and they do not know a Nodal officer exists at all.

I deeply regret to have bought a service from Vodafone and I request you to refund my money, as i am sure even if you rectify the problem i would not get any sort of assistance (if required) in future.

Please find the numbers of your employees with whom i have interacted constantly who were of little use / no use
1) Suman 8142131131 AS Rao Nagar Vodafone store
2) Babu 9703072185 AS Rao Nagar Vodafone store
3) Rani 9703072188

Thanks & Regards

Bala Sudhakar

Mob : 9848309950

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