2G Service Got activated which is really not needed

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Vodafone

With out customer (Mobile Number- 9765319734) intimation and permission 2G service got activated which I really don’t require and Rs. 26/- (Rs./- 10 for message pack where in actually message pack got renewed for Rs.36/- and Rs. 16/- for 2G Service activation) got deducted on 12/06/2012. after having requested to deactivate the service and credit the Rs. 26/- despite that again without any intimation on 15/06/2012 Rs. 16/- got deducted. Even I am already in DND (Don’t Disturb) Service. Despite that with out customer intimation any service gets activated where no reason customers balance gets deducted which creates nuisance. Hence I am requesting to credit Rs.42/- in my account balance which got deducted for no reason. Please kindly, do the needful.

Thank You.

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  1. 9 years ago

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