I have purcahsed one HTC T-Mobile from

JS associates.2,
Mangesh Industrial estate ,
Subhash NagarMulund Link Road.
Nahur West Mumbai- 400 078.
Land mark Behind Designo Furniture Showroom.

through online (Known as vide order No.342199 in February 2012 by paying Rs.7198/-+ Rs.300.00 as courier charges.

I have received a defective product and therefore I asked them for replacement and returned the same back to them by paying Rs.740/- as courier charges.
But to my surprise I have received their replacement which was more defective than the earlier one.

At this stage I asked them for the refund and they agreed to do so and asked me to return the product and accordingly I returned the product.

But instead of refund they sent another product without my consent which is also defective and I informed them upon receipt of the same.

Also informed them that I will not return the product till I get the refund.

Till date I have not received the refund amount.

Sir, these people are making advertisements through internet and selling Factory Seconds and cheating people who make online purchases.

Now I request you to take necessary steps to ban this site in order to prevent others escaping from their trap.

Also ask them to pay me a compensation of Rs.1,00,000/- (One lakh Only) towards compensation of mental agony and financial lose incurred on account of this deal.

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