Location/place: new delhi

Name of company/service: godrej

complaint No. 418875 dated 5th june,2012 re non working of refrigeratorTuesday, 12 June, 2012 13:38
From: “B.N. Mukh” View contact details
To: [email protected]
Dear Sirs,
I had the misfortune of buying GODrej Refrigerator (Model No.GFP430X) a few years back in spite of the advice given by some of my acquaintances who had a bitter experience of buying your products.I am now repenting for not having heeded to their advice. The Refrigerator is giving problems from the day one. After innumerable follow ups with your Helpline, they were kind enough to send an Engineer and it started working again.

However on 4th june, 2012 the Refrigerator stopped working again (there was loud noise before it finally went off). On 5th June, complaint was lodged with your Helpline, vide complaint no.418875.I thought myself lucky when your representative Mr Manoj visited our house on 7th June to sort out the problem. He promised to come back on the next day since some parts needed to be replaced and the estimated cost was Rs. 3350/-. However, I have been waiting against hope that he would be visiting us to set the Refrigerator right.To my utter dismay,he neither picked up his phone nor had the courtsey to visit us.Your staff at helpline no 1800 209 5511are so rude that it is better not to talk to them.They have not been taught how to speak to a complainant specially a lady.I do not know the criteria on the basis of which you recruit your staff and whether they are given training on how to talk and behave with the customers.
Anyways, the crux of the matter is my Refrigerator is not working for the past 7 days and no body in your company is bothered to redress my grievance.I remember Mahatma Gandhi’s saying “CUSTOMER IS THE PROFIT EVERYTHING ELSE IS OVERHEAD”.
Had he been alive today, he would have been ashamed to see the functioning of your Company.The name of your company starts with GOD.I would suggest that you think of changing the name.
I had to buy a new Refrigerator after having waited in vain for your Engineer and made sure that it was not GODrej.
The purpose of my writing this mail to you is to bring to the kind notice of the top management who profess to be PROFESSIONALS but have little time to oversee the working of their subordinates who are bringing bad name to the company.
I am aware that a company of such magnitude and repute like yours will not bother if a few dissatisfied customers( for that matter even thousands of customers) change their loyalty to other brands.
May I request you to take appropriate action against the dafaulting employees and get my Refrigerator repaired at the earliest
Thanx in anticipation

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