Location/place: new delhi

Name of company/service: himgiri hyundai

on 10th november ,2012 my father mr.ravinder singh verma contacted the himgiri hyundai showroom in wazirpur industrial area for the purchase of i10 era model cng fitted. he asked about the exchange offer if any going on in the company. he was contacted by their executive from the sales team mr. sachin n he informed him about the exchange offer according to which we would get a discount of rs 25000 on the price of the car. next day mr.sachin along with another team member visited our place and examined our old car wagonr . he took a test drive , checked the rc and the insurance . he gave rs 850000 as the value of our old car wagonr and gave a estimate of the deal and the discount of rs 25000 in his own writting to my father mr.ravinder singh verma. they pressureised us to give the advance payment of rs 10000 to finalise the deal or they else they would not close the deal. on 12th november,2012 my father gave an advance of rs 10000 in the name of himgiri hyundai , wazirpur and finalised the deal and booked an i10 of red colour cng fitted base model era @ rs 4,43,oooo after all discounts(insurance,exchange bonus,cash discount etc approx. rs 63000in exchange scheme) in name of my mother mrs. anuradha verma. my mother took a loan of rs 3,50,000 from union bank of india , paschim vihar branch. she got the payorder ready and on 2nd december ,2012 we went to take the car from the hyundai showroom with family. we gave the wagonar keys and all the necessary documents which they had asked us to bring along to them . after making us wait for an hour , they inform us that they would not give us the discount according to the exchange offer due to the policy of the company that the car to be exchanged should have 6 months ownership . the ownership of wagonar was only 2 months old so they refused to give that discount. they didnt check while examining the old car wagonar how old was the ownership and did not inform us about this policy before . they took the advance without checking the car which they were taking in exchange was covered in their deal or not . they harrased us from 12th november,2012 to 1st december ,2012 delaying the delivery of the car by giving excuses like the red color was not in stock or the car is on its way being delivered to the showroom . they would rarely respond to my father’s call. my father contacted them again and over a telephonic conversation they refused to give us the old value of the car of rs 850000 which they were giving us before saying that they estimated the value incorrectly before . they are cancelling the deal and are even threatening us that they would deduct cancellation fee from the advance of rs 10000. all the efforts of my father – taking a bank loan, procuring the papers etc have gone in vain due to their cancellation of the deal. he has to even pay the interest of the loan he has taken without being benefitted in any way and even has to suffer the loss of the cancellation charges which isnt done by him. the installment of rs8500 of the loan is due on 15th december ,2012 which he will have to suffer .he is being cheated and i hope we will be helped as soon as possible in this regard.

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