Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Croma Retail

I have purchased the product vide Bill No SLF02A03530013740 on 14/11/2012 with the instruction of delivery on 18/11/2012. but it was delivered on 20/11/2012 due to situation beyond control. on that issue i don’t have any issue. But the product which i have received was intact but the sony coupon which are to be received with the product of the box haven’t received. the pack was intact on the box but the coupon were not there in side the box. 20/11/2012 was the last day of sending SMS to sony for registering. As soon as i received the product I have registered the complaint vide conplaint no 753654 on the toll free no 1800-258-3636. but till today i haven’t received any reply on the same nor getting any satisfactory answer on that account.

Please look into the matter that who has taken out the 5 nos coupon’s as this kind of behavior is not expected from the Tata Son’s Group Company.

I am registering this again as I have lost opportunity to participate in the contest to win some good prizes or stuff.

Please take suitable necessary action in this regards so that customer didn’t loose faith in the good Tata Son’s Group Company

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  1. 9 years ago

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