Location/place: delhi/mukherjee nagar

Name of company/service: Idea

Love SMS pack is being activated in my mobile w/o any information. I deactivated it on the previous week but it has not been deactivated from my account.Today(8/10)again i have received the msg saying that thnx for renewing the love sms pack. I talked to customer care ,he said that this service is there in my mobile from june 2011. I never took any service like this.Then he cut the phone w/0 giving any satisfactory ans. Immediately after that i talked to ANOTHER PERSON sumit (customer care), he said there is no such service in ur mobile.I have love msgs in my mob to show. He said there is some other service in my mobile that is of live aarti,which again i never activated. He also cut the phone inbetween.Both the customer care people are sayin different things.But my money is being continuously deducting from my a/c for the services which i never activated. Idea co. is making fool of us. They are literally cheating us.

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