Location/place: NAWADA UTTAM NGR


Location/place: southdelhi motibagh

Name of company/service: balaji marketing company

i want to attract ur kind attentipon towards the marketing strategy of the company to cheat house wives lat 26-5-11 that day two female representative of the company balaji marketing company 302,B Vill Opp.J.P.Nr.R.Udyog Nagar Delhi 33,knocked my door as i opened they started to insisted me to see the demo of their detergent named super excel that is free and said pls see it only we are not selling we r giving free than i thought to hear them
They again said this is free we are also giving some gift if u take one i thought to try that they said the gift is inside that as i opened the pack there was no gift and she asked me to give the money of two pack rs 300/ and the pack which i opened was not having any chit of gift than she taken that in her hand and said there is a CAMERA though it was empty inside and the both females stared to cry that u have opened so u have to pay 300/ of this both pack i said i opened one and i m ready to pay for one they started shouting no u ha ve opned so u have to pay for both becoz this is free with that one.It was really a very embrassing situation to me and i think any proper action should be take against the strategy of such type of marketing.Itook my Activa n started looking for them,I met other5 ladies,were selling the same product,iask them to give me that ladies cell no she has given me 9350988851,which is switched off.I WANT TO SAVE OTHER HOUSEWIFES AS THE PRODUCT IS HARMFULL FOR HANDS ALSO.IWILL BE GREATFULL TO U IF YOU LOOK INTO THIS MATTER.LOOKING FOR JUSTICE.THANKS

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