Location/place: Barakar

Dear Sir,
I am using Reliance GSM mobile prepaid connection (Mobile No.9832117190) in which they have fraudulently taken Rs.27.
On 2nd of August I called on a number provided to its customers by the company to know the best recharge option i.e 151515 in which they told that on recharge of Rs.27 I will get 300 local reliance to reliance minutes.I got number recharged by the said denomination but i didnt got any benefit neither did i got any amount as my main balance.After that I contact the customer care and they told that there are no such such recharge option and neither you will get any main balance.
I hope oyu will take a strong action as this not just happening with 1 or 2 customer but its happening with the majority of the customers but there are oonly few who take action towrads it just because they 20 or 30 rupees is a very small amount or because they are illiterate

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