Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: BLUE SKY HR CONSULTANTS, MUMBAI

I was appointed by blue sky for the post of HR at SURA VIE restaurant by sanjeev kapoor at cannaut place new delhi.
i recieved a copy of offer letter and sent my acceptace in response to that.
after confirmation of my joining i gave my resignation in my old company. within 2 days of my joining at sura vie on 1st aug 2012 i recieved a call from blue sky saying not to come for the job further as their contract with sura vie is over.
i dont know what was the problem and i was not explained about that but my carrier is at stake and im jobless today .Companies like blue sky play with the carrier of the condidates. kindly take action against these kind of companies so that children like me do not suffer without any fault.

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