JPJ Technologies a fraud company they take mine 18000 Rs. and wastes my 4 month time

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Location/place: delhi

Name of company/service: JPJ Technologies

JPJ Technologies is a company in laxmi nagar,delhi. They takes students through interview in their company. They only call freshers candidate that you are shortlisted for the post of software developer trainee and ask for 18000 for three months paid training. I also gets shortlisted in this company and they ask that you will be posted at software developer post after three months and for that they charged 18000 Rs from me. But when 3 months traning period is completed I talked to management that mam when my salary is going to be started as three months are completed then they send me a mail that our result will be declerd before 26 jan, then i again go to the hr of the company and i asked that 26 jan is so late as i was gone to her on 2 jan she told me that its our maximum time we have taken but the result will be declared before that may be upto 15 jan, i said its ok mam but result is not declered till 25 jan that is tommaro and 26 jan is holiday and 27 jan is sunday, so i again call to company head on 25 jan afternoon, that mam i think its enough you have waised our time and i also said that i have that mail that you will declere our result upto 26 jan but its holiday on that day so you have just current day so if you declere my result till night then its ok after that on 27 i will go to police and register a complaint against your company that its a fraud company but on 25 jan in evening i got a mail that you is terminated from the company because i miss behaved with the head.

And you know what is the result of rest of the people of my batch we are 9 persons in a batch 2 of then get placed anywhere else and leave the company 2 said that we dont think company will provide result so we are going to banglore for searching job so also left the company and rest 5 including me get termination mail and one more intersting thing the 2 who were gone to banglore gets mail that you are shortlisted but not as software developer but as tranner sir please try to give me justice and return my money back.

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