Forced to Pay extra money

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I had taken an Internet Connection from Tikona broadband.The person from tikona the local person who use to come to collect the billing amount have taken 250 rs extra for documents needed of the connection but he failed to handover me the document.then he told that it will be adjusted.But every month paying the billing amount 250 rs have never adjusted so we are unable to pay online at that time but that guy use to come to collect the amount.But when we want to cut the connection as we are shifting from that rented house to another they are claiming the amount included 250 rs extra.May be mean while representative from Tikona left his job.As I have always wants to pay the billing amount after few discussion with Tikona’s new representative also nobody came to collect the money as I have decided not to pay that 250 rs extra.Mean while charges of 100 rs added in every month.In 29.06.2013 I have received a bill of 1634 at my email Id.At 29.08.2013 I have received a bill of 3234 with some penalty amount.Meanwhile I have received few calls regarding this and I have repeatedly telling them them to come and collect the exact amount.But I was not ready to pay the extra amount i.e. rs 250 and nearly rs. 2000 extra.At 20.11.2013 I have received a Legal Notice through My Email Id.Today I have received a call from Delhi from 011 48484650,she was claiming that Her name is Rekha Bharadwaj she is calling from delhi court and If I not paying the money It will be court order for warrant in my name,then I have to be in delhi court.As I do not have Internet she had taken all my bank account details to pay the amount through phone.I have repeatedly told her that I was always ready to pay but no one came to receive the money.At last an amount of rs.3235have deducted from my account in the name of Tikona Digital.Although I didnt received any written copy of that payment through email.I have only my bank’s sms copy.Surprisingly immidiate after of that received a sms that my old connection have started.I am just got fade up of these during these tension period today I have fallen from stair and suffering from ankle sprain.I just want justice and a good compensation for harassment from several days and I am suffering from their fault only.

Sabyasachi Baksi

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