Complaint against Airtel Services

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Location/place: Jabalpur

Name of company/service: Airtel

To Airtel Services,

With deep dissatisfaction, I would like to lodge a complaint against the Airtel
Broadband Services. I own a connection, for which I requested the disconnection
in the month of December 2012:

Here are my grievances towards the process:

I requested a disconnection in November, but get the updates from Customer care
that we have to pay till December. I again put a request by calling at 121 on
December 2012, and agreed to pay the billed amount for the cycle by 06 Jan
2013. After paying the bill, we have contacted the Airtel Customer Care for
discontinuing the connection but they said that the new bill is already
generated and we need to pay it for the bill cycle December to January with the
due date 06 Feb 2013.

These are our Payment details for the amount we paid two times:

On 30/01/2013 E-Receipt no. 130340089 Amount 3200/-

On 06/02/2013 E-Receipt no. 206897958 Amount 475.80/-

We have also re-lodged the complaint for closing the connection on the same day
i.e. 06 Feb 2013, Complaint No 28392770, but they still did not provided the
resolution for that. Even the connection was already barted from November 2012,
as we were unable to use the services.

Now I am again seeing the new bill generated for the billing period of Jan- Feb
with the due date of 09 March 2013.

The most annoying thing is my connection is already dead since November 2012
and I am continuously requesting for closing the number, but I am receiving
continuous bills. I am not at all willing to pay this bill. This is weird and I
want to settle this as soon as possible. I am highly dissatisfied with Airtel
as they are unnecessarily charging for another month.

Please look into the matter as I have locked the request on 20 November, then
28 December and 06 February and want to ignore this new amount with proper NOC
receiving from Airtel.

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